10 Things No One Tells You About Being a Foster Parent

Being a foster parent is no easy feat, there are certain important things to keep in mind. If you’re seriously considering becoming a foster parent, here are ten things that nobody tells you about being a foster parent.

1. The home study process

This can occur over the course of several months. A caseworker assigned to the family will be visiting your home for visits and perform interviews for several weeks. The caseworker will be tasked to ask different questions like financial capabilities and family backgrounds, etc. This also includes the inspection of the home and if it is safe enough for the foster child to stay in.

2. Foster parent training is necessary and must be done precisely

Rules must be followed such as the proper storage of medications, completing various paperwork, and not taking the child outside of the state. A child placement agency like Courage Community Foster Care will provide all the necessary training for the foster families.

3. Being a foster parent does not require superpowers

Being a foster parent can be quite difficult and being one requires courage so they can provide the assistance and emotional support that a foster child needs.

4. Support groups are important

Being a foster parent is not easy. There are a lot of foster children that have gone through awful experiences and trauma during the stay with their biological family, they will need all the help we can provide them.

There can be instances that can be quite stressful for you as a foster parent, but finding a support network like Courage Community Foster Care will make the experience easier and manageable. We provide support to foster families and we are focused on building relationships and helping one another.

5. Biological parents are important in the process

As a foster parent, you will be providing foster children with the love, support, and stability they need in life. However, you must never leave out the biological parents. Here at Courage Community Foster Care, we work in support of the child’s biological family.

Investing time with the biological family is important as it benefits everyone who is involved. Not all relationships will be easy; you must be supportive and understanding. This process is not easy for everyone so you must be kind and respectful of the biological parents.

6. Being a foster parent involves a lot of paperwork

Being a foster parent or family will require lots of paperwork. This will also depend on the child’s case as there are instances when there are parents who relinquish their rights to the child at birth.

If this happens, there will be less paperwork involved. You must keep all the documents in a binder and keep it safe. You must write down important details that can be relevant to the foster child’s case later on.

7. Caseworkers are quite helpful

Part of a caseworker’s job is to make sure that the foster child will be given all the love and support that they need. Working with the caseworker side by side is important and it will make the process much easier.

8. Foster kids sometimes do not have anything with them

Prepare for their arrival at your home. Make sure to prepare clothes, food, snacks, toys, soap, toiletries, and other basic essentials e that will make them feel welcome. Stock up on basic needs so you can make the first few nights much easier to handle.

9. Be prepared to shower love to your foster child

Fostering a child varies from one case to another, but all foster children need to be loved. A foster child needs to feel loved and will need all the emotional support that you can provide them.

Fostering a child varies from one case to another, but all foster children need to be loved. A foster child needs to feel loved and will need all the emotional support that you can provide them.

10. Fostering a child is a learning process.

There are different vocabulary words that you will start to learn when you become a foster parent, such as rescue foster, respite care, family-based services, etc. Do not be scared when handling your first case, over time, it will become easier and you will be able to understand how the system works. While it can be complicated at times, you will be able to adapt to it quickly.

Foster families will have all the support that they will need during the process; Courage Community Foster Care will provide training, and they will have access to the forms, policies, and rules.

Courage Community Foster Care is a small community that prioritizes the children above all else. We are not after recruiting foster families, we prefer quality and personalized service and we always make sure to work with the birth families of the foster children.

Are you looking to be a foster family for foster kids? Are you planning to adopt? Courage Community Foster Care is based in Colorado. We are focused on reaching out to individuals who are 21 and above who want to facilitate and help foster children who need a loving home that will help them cope with the different experiences they had with their biological family.

Please contact us and send us an email at [email protected], please call us at 719-321-4319. A lot of our clients prefer us from other foster care companies because we are focused on building relationships, supportive with one another and we are comprised of a small number of foster families.